My New Book!

Many people don’t realize that, according to traditional chinese medicine, the liver is the MOST important organ in the woman’s body.  It represents angry, frustration, bitterness, shock, and, if out of balance, causes anxiety and emotional imbalance, constipation, ulcers, distension, belching, food sensitivity, impoverished eye sight, cramps, spasms, lack of flexibility, excess tension in muscles, misalignment of joints and pains from poor posture, deformed, damaged, or split nails, and so on.

Don’t miss Sherry’s new book “Liver Die” (a play on words – live or die).  In this book, she will challenge you to “Liver Die” in this thought provoking and eye-opening book which demonstrates how the liver works, how to cleanse this vital 4 lb. organ, essential oils and foods that best support your liver, introduce you to symptoms and warning signs that can alert you that you may have too many toxins in your body as well as reveal the causes of cholesterol and how to lower high cholesterol levels.  She will also suggest proper oil consumption and nutrition for optimal liver performance.


More details to come on how and where to purchase!