My New Book! “May The Omnipotence of Holy Health Become You.” Sherry McVean, Medical Empath



Many people do not realize that, according to traditional Chinese medicine, the liver is the MOST important organ in the human body.  It reflects emotions of anger, frustration, bitterness, and if impaired, can cause  abdominal swelling, belching, sensitivities to foods, even impoverished eye sight. When the digestive system is not functioning properly, it can cause ulcers, lack of flexibility, excess tension in muscles, joint pain and misalignment of the spine. We must keep clean our organs.

 Sherry’s new book “Holy Health”  coming soon.  In this book,  Sherry offers information that details organ functioning throughout the body including home remedies to revitalize organs and keep them in tip-top shape.

She shares with you foods that will support and initiate healing. She gives you her tricks of the trade on herbs and vitamins that unite healing energies with mental clarity. She will introduce you to symptoms and warning signs that can alert you if toxins are piling up in your body.

Holy Health reveals several types of parasites that can and will bombard the human body; moreover, Sherry details symptoms to determine if you have contracted them when laboratory test have turned up negative. She explains how a parasite invasion can happen and introduces to you a remedy that knocks them out of  the ballpark: her new formula, XWORM.

Sherry has invented a technique which she titled “Praying It Forward.” P.I.F. will ultimately redirect predisposed thoughts that may be causing illnesses. This redirection is as simple as praying for someone other than “self” in need of healing. She offers a Vision Blessing at the end of each chapter that is a poignant form of meditation, detailing visions of serene environment for coping and healing.

May the Omnipotence of Holy Health become with you.



Ask your local M.D. if you are a candidate for eating healthier, sleeping better and using herbs and vitamins to supplement your diet.