I studied naturopath healing approaches for my personal health problems. I was diagnosed with infertility and endometriosis. I had delayed having a child because of my music career. When an infertility problem was diagnosed I reached for a song of joy and started repeating words of receptivity.”I am having my baby, I would say, my sweet little boy.”

Infertility specialist had diagnosed me with “blocked tubes and fibrocystic ovaries”. I wanted a cure and I wanted my very own child. I searched and read alternative healing articles and prayed with dedication that I would have a loving bundle of joy to have and to hold in my arms.

I had saved money for an adoption after many infertility treatments did not work.  One night I decided to thank God for healing me instead of just crying because it was obvious the later was not working for me at all.? I changed my entire attitude about the problem and eventually went out and purchased a Jenny Lind baby cradle and some blue baby booties.

This visual aid which I have recently identified as a Vision Blessing helped me overcome old doubts and worries. I am pleased to offer Vision Blessing for anyone who is having difficulty with health problems or emotional problems.

Another reason for studying a Naturopathic approach has been a dedication to those who have emotional and mental challenges.  For the memory of my best friend, Ronnie, who had been mentally ill for years and could never find answers to his health problems, I supported you then and I support you now though you have left behind your memory., I feel your spirit has evolved and is still with me.

I began following my path and journey by going to massage school in 1993. Soon after graduation I was introduced to a new technique by my Chiropractor May Rose Bergcamp. She became one of my many mentors in the study of Bio Energetic Synchronization, and I soon received my B.E.S.T. practitioner certification from Parker Chiropractic College. May Rose worked with me on my structural alignment and she also helped me disassociate from the mental anguish of infertility.

I am always re thinking my health status as our body is in constant motion. I view myself as a whole and complete being that radiates health with healing light.

I enjoy having conversations of healing and divine intervention that is ours for the asking. Rise also hosted my baby shower in 1995, as she promised she would. She had said “If you do it, I will celebrate with you”. We all welcomed my precious baby boy Milan into this world March 2, 1995. Milan wears the power and respect T shirt.

Milan is on the right



The year 2004 was a milestone for me because that was the year I became a Kundalini yoga instructor. Kundalini means the curl of the lock of hair, or spiraling upward. I learned that meditation and repeating mantras would take my mind into an alpha state and help me to concentrate and focus my attention on breathing and  cleansing my aura. It enables me to hone in on my super consciousness and consequently this meditation help me tune into every patient that comes to me for healing and spiritual advice.

I have discovered that seeing God in all helps me to see God within myself. I was given the seek name Dharam Vir Kar upon completion of the year long yoga classes and this spiritual name translated means: “The princess with the brave spirit who fearlessly treads the path of righteousness”.


Friends in health,
Sherry McVean, health Intutive


    • 1993 massage therapy license RMT
    • 1994 Dr Versendal Contact Reflexology Analysis, Parker Chiropractic Irving, Texas
    • 1996 B.E.S.T., Dr. Mortor also Parker Chiropractic college
    • 1998 Naturopath Doctor N.D. Clayton School of Natural Healing. This school has been close due to Government changes in Natural healing. At the time of enrollment in Nutritional healing I was delighted to have this choice of education and I realized that I would not be a licensed doctor. Due to the reconstruction of education and all the controversy that is attached to it, I am offering you assistance as either a medical empath, Healer or health counselor.
    • 2004 International Kundalini Yoga Research Association
    • Member of 3HO Healthy, Happy, Holy

My Path:

sherry1I am the heart and soul of Futuristic Health. I have a gift of KNOWING, SEEING, FEELING,HEARING, and smelling vibrations that can alter a persons mental and physical frequencies.


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