I became a naturopath for my own healing. I was diagnosed with infertility and endometriosis. I had delayed having a child because of my music career. When an infertility problem was diagnosed the music suddenly stopped.

I ask several specialists “why, why, why?”. The only answer I got was “blocked tubes and fibrocystic ovaries”. I wanted a cure not an explanation or some lengthy description of the disease.

I had saved money for an adoption after many infertility treatments did not work.  One night I decided to thank God for healing me instead of just crying and asking the same old question, “Why me”? I changed my entire attitude about the problem and eventually went out and purchased a Jenny Lind baby cradle and some blue baby booties. This visual aid helped me overcome old doubts and worries.

Another reason for becoming a Naturopath was for the memory of my best friend, Ronnie, who had been mentally ill for years and could never find answers to his health problems. He knew the answer to his problem was not drugs, but sadly he became addicted to them.

I began my long and dutiful journey as a health practitioner by going to massage school in 1993. Soon after graduation I was introduced to a new technique by my Chiropractor May Rose Bergcamp. She became one of my many mentors in the study of Bio Synchronization, and I soon received my B.E.S.T. practitioner certification from Parker Chiropractic College. May Rose worked with me on my structural alignment and she also helped me disassociate from the mental anguish of infertility.

I started rethinking my health status and had a better grasp of how my thinking process was affecting my health at a cellular level. I started viewing myself as a whole and complete being that was radiating with healing light; I no longer thought of myself as “category 101 infertility”.

During my days of massage therapy I met another mentor, Rise Stewart. She was one of the most giving and loving human beings that God ever created. She supported all of my endeavors and suggested that I study to become a Naturopath.  She always paid me over and above the cost of her massages and foot reflexology. We had enlightened conversations about how healing and divine power that was ours for the asking. Rise also hosted my baby shower in 1995, as she promised she would. She had said “If you do it, I will celebrate with you”. We all welcomed my precious baby boy Milan into this world March 2, 1995. Milan wears the power and respect T shirt.

Milan is on the right

In 1999, my good friend and mentor May Rose was diagnosed with lung cancer. She was a strong six foot tall healthy chiropractor who never smoked a day in her life.  She and I used to trade out our services. She would perform level three on me for my ill thinking and adjust my back with B.E.S.T. and I would work her feet and find the old hot spots that would indicate congestion in organs.

Interestingly enough one of her hot spots was a deep scar directly across her lung line on the bottom of her right foot. She had stepped on a broken beer bottle in a lake bottom at a college party, and I wondered if this this spot was an impedment to her fifteen years later. This story is told to help laymen understand that scar tissue from surgeries and other wounds can impede blood flow. Without blood flow to circuits, such as meridian lines in the body, energy can be slowed down and bacteria is accumulated. My love for May Rose is ongoing, and even though she is no longer with me on this earth she will always remain an inspiration to me.

In the year 2004 I was called upon again by my other great friend Rise Stewart. She too, had the clouded news of cancer. She used to say to me how great my energy field was and how much healing power I would bring to her body. Unfortunately I was unable to help because the cancer had spread too far too quickly, and thus, I suffered the loss of my two most precious friends and mentors to cancer, Rise’ Stewart and May Rose.

I have dedicated my work to these two fine women and I believe that all cancer is caused by an inability to digest and eliminate toxins that are living, even thriving in our precious bodies. I test meridian lines and acupressure points in my clinic. Through knowledge that I have accumulated and researched, I continue to learn and grown with every patient I have the privilege of working with. I do not believe that modern drugs like chemotherapy are the answer to cancer in the western world. I believe if we are taught to tune into our bodies  eliminating the root cause of all of  afflictions. I stand by my words at McVean Clinic. If you can follow directions you can be healed.

The year 2004 was a milestone for me because that was the year I became a Kundalini yoga instructor. Kundalini means the curl of the lock of hair, or spiraling upward. I learned that meditation and repeating mantras would take my mind into an alpha state and help me to concentrate and focus my attention on breathing and  cleansing my aura. It enables me to hone in on my super consciousness and consequently this meditation help me tune into every patient that comes into the clinic.

I have discovered that seeing God in all helps me to see God within myself. I was given the seek name Dharam Vir Kar upon completion of the year long yoga classes and this spiritual name translated means: “The princess with the brave spirit who fearlessly treads the path of righteousness”.


Friends in health,
Dr. Sherry


    • 1993 massage therapy license RMT
    • 1996 Dr Versendal Contact Reflexology Analysis, Parker Chiropractic Irving, Texas
    • 1997 B.E.S.T., Dr. Mortor also Parker Chiropractic college
    • 1998 Naturopath Doctor N.D. Clayton School of Natural Healing
    • 2004 International Kundalini Yoga Research Association
    • Member of 3HO Healthy Happy Holy

Our Staff:

sherry1Dr. Sherry McVean ND, is the heart and soul of McVean Clinic. With a passion for her profession, she is both a professional and a true friend to all of her clients.



profile4Amy Satori is her personal assistant, web designer, intuitive healer, and business partner having been with the clinic since 2014.  She is a dedicated and knowledgeable assistant.  She is here to assist patients with their questions as well as her own specialty using qigong to remove emotional blockages from your energy field.  She is the perfect compliment to Dr. Sherry’s work. While Sherry works primarily on the physical aspects of your healing, Amy identifies the emotional issues that caused the physical ailments in the first place helping you try out a new perspective on these issues in your life to ensure those ailments do not return.  She keeps the office and appointments running smoothly, helps with events and classes.