My Yogi Tea ( passed down through ancient history)

This tea is an ancient remedy encompassing many healing modalities. It is know for it’s diuretic qualities and enhances digestion and elimination. It is a weight loss remedy and it will raise the immune system, warding off flu’s and colds. This tea should be chanted over during initial boiling. Repeat I am, I am, I am, and connect to God.  Or you can also say the Indian chant, “Guru, Guru, Wahe, Guru” (Bringing light into darkness).


Bring to boil 1 gallon of water

1 T Whole Cloves
3 T crushed cardamon
2 T black pepper corns
4 Cinnamon whole sticks
4 1/8″ Slices of fresh whole ginger peeled and washed.

Bring to a boil for 7 minutes then simmer for 37 minutes.  Add fresh water to maintain your gallon during this stage of cooking. Add Two large family black tea bags and steep the last twenty minutes completion. Cool in glass jars and store in refrigerator or wine cellar. Heat and serve as coffee substitute with milk and sugar, or drink cold with ice.  Yummy two times.

Why We Must Flush the Liver

I have yet to say enough about how important a clean liver is in the totality of staying young and healthy.  That’s why I’m writing a book about it!  I have had patients who have had a cholecystectomy (removal of gallbladder) as a direct result of their liver malfunctioning. It is not hard to understand why it is necessary to do a gallbladder/liver flush. Let’s just say that thank God you still have the common bile duct that supplies the enzyme bile to the stomach for digestion/elimination or you’d be in a heap of trouble.  Your gallbladder is a warehouse for the bile, however; your liver is still churning out bile each time you eat fats,oils or protein. Many patients have symptoms of chronic diarrhea.  I mean they shuffle off to the restroom during their second bite of food!  This just tells me that the stomach is trying to off load the food too soon because the enzyme bile is not plentiful in support the digestion of protein. Many times patients complain of undigested food particles floating in the toilet. On the opposite end of the scenario there is the bloated patient who has not had a bowel movement for days. Toxic blood and cellular waste is stored in the tissues and remaining organs. These patients complain of pain in their stomach, ulcers. bloating, headaches and back aches.
Our four pound liver can be friend or foe, when not in sync with our digestion here are a few negative results:
Swelling of hands and feel
Low libido
hearing loss
misalignment of the spine
High shoulder/right or left side
MAJOR ANXIETY like the HULK due to inability to digest food.
Stiffness in joints
Neck and back pain
Weight gain
Middle of the back pain
Low TSH in women
Do you have any of these symptoms?  If you can identify to any of these symptoms, you have a problem with your liver. See gallbladder cleanse.

Cuckoo For Coconut Oil!

Have you been swallowing the infamous organic coconut oil and feeling oilpullingpictoo popped to pop? If so, allow me to introduce my opinion of the generously touted wonder oil of the 21st century – coconut oil is not a panacea or energy producing stimulate. In fact, unless you have a perfectly fine tuned liver and gallbladder that produces an exact amount of bile each time you introduce any oil into your body you could be clogging up your pipes.

It is a chore for the body to digest and utilize even a common oil such as organic olive oil or organic butter (which are the best oils you can consume), so why are people raving about eating a spoonful of coconut oil every day when it’s even harder for your body to digest? I believe the general public and several mass media campaigns have told this story incorrectly.

Here is the best way to use your daily spoonful of the tropical slippery celebrity:
Step 1: Take the tablespoon of oil and put it inside your mouth and let it melt (if it isn’t already). Set a timer for 10-20 minutes.
Step 2: Swish it around and suck it around inside of the mouth slowly. This is similar to swishing mouth wash only you don’t gargle.
Step 3: After fifteen minutes or longer, spit it out in the garbage (not in the disposal or it’ll clog it up)

The consistency of the oil will change as you swish and pull. The oil will begin to clean your tonsils, thyroid and lymph nodes. It will help break down any undigested oils inside your body including liver and gallstones. The reason you are feeling so darn tired when you swallow the oil is it’s too hard to digest. I’ve spokekn to many people who swallow coconut oil, actually feel anxiety or depression as a result! So make sure you spit it out.

The oil pulling, if done daily, will whiten your teeth, clean your gums, clear out your sinuses and ears, aid in digestion, and keep the brain waves flowing just to name a few improvements.

Stay healthy, stay clean, and get it right the second time!

Sherry McVean
Fort worth, Texas

Scar Tissue: exceed or impede?

Most patients who come to me have been sick for a very long time. Some of these patients have had surgery that has caused excessive scar tissue. Scar tissue stops blood flow from entering parts of organs that are starving for fresh oxygenated blood.  Patients who have been hospitalized have had more than their share of allopathic medicines. Typically chemicals from prescription medicines congest the liver leaving toxins to store there for years. Parasites and yeast infections are also attracted to this sort of chemical environment in the body. What can we do to reverse scar tissue damage in the body? Ground work must begin by analyzing where the problem really is. This is not a difficult task if you can analyze bodily functions like I can. But for the readers, her is the big question. Do You digest and eliminate regularly?

I use two methods of eliminating scar treatment. One method is circular digital motion which is performed by massaging the top of the inflected area in a circular motion from right to left. The other is the correct amount and type of vitamin E that is needed to break down scar tissue for the individual patient. When I analyze a patient’s body, I must also evaluate their way of thinking. The patients who heals and continue to heal are those who believe that they are healing. Those patients really get it. Their body is starving for nutrition and as soon as they star taking the correct nutrition they begin feeling better. They can start to think that they feel better. I am a strong advocate of positive affirmations and creative visualization. I understand that sickness can cause a negative reaction in the auric field circumference of the patient. This field is six feet in diameter. Envision a large silver/white circle going in a counterclockwise motion. This is the field that can be expanded ten times larger that it is. By doing this counterclockwise motion from head to toe, you are visually clearing and cleaning your etheric field.  When this energy field is cleaned by the patient, it can broaden the path of energy to conduct healing with positive ions. Counter clockwise clears and clockwise brings new electrical frequencies into the auric field. All of this outer-body work soften up hard angular Auras. Laceration from operations cause scar tissue within the body. This invisible energetic exercise can exceed healing exponentially. The open minded patient is well on the path of intense healing.

Wahe guru means darkness to light. Profound teachings of ancient days describe nirvana as a sudden burst of enlightenment. A doubtful mind will not allow healing. Thoughts become either friend or foe. Negative thoughts create d i s e a s e.  My best advice for you is to narrow down food choices even if it means eating rice with olive oil,  fruits and nuts and veggies. Try to purchase whole-food nutrition and continue taking it especially if it is to eradicate parasites or yeast infections. I have searched the globe to insure you are getting the finest quality nutrition and can give you my word that Standard Process nutrition is the best way to heal.

I did not choose to master the healing field, I searched for my own healing so that I could have a child. You know the story; I have the child and the fortunate opportunity of serving the sick. I put forth prayer and meditations for those of you who are having a difficult journey.

I receive an abundance of healing each day by using the holistic methods that I practice. Each and every day I am healing and I have been healing intensely for over twenty-one years. Please understand that all healing begins in the mind first. You should try connecting with your body, mind and spirit. You must stay on a healthy food program and work the system. Sometimes the body will experience only baby steps of healing but, eventually will begin to hit leaps and bounds on the healing path. Monitor your thoughts and actions. Just look at Lance Armstrong, twice a cancer survivor. He can tell you mind over matter is of utmost importance.

Things to think on:

  • Stay focused on proper nutrition.
  •  Adopt some form of exercise even if it is walking where you live.
  • Repeat positive affirmations.
  • Gently use your brain to visualize healing.
  • Make a list of pros and cons, correct the cons.
  • Back off of office visits if you are beginning to feel negative over finances.
  • Remember to release, relax, let go and let God

Good luck and good healing,

Dr. Sherry

Quote of the year is by Pat Riley, Miami coach for the Heat:

“When you sow a thought, you reap an action. When you sow an action, you reap a habit. When you sow a habit, you will reap character. When you sow character with all those other things combined, you reap destiny. When you reap destiny – this is getting heavy – you get closer to your God.”

Parasites: The Prime Suspect!


In my thirteen years of practicing as a Naturopath Practitioner, when asked the question,”What is your most ground-breaking discovery in health?”  I would have to say that, “We, as trusting two legged egotistical innocent human beings, are unaware that more than half of us are unhealthy because of a parasite infection”

The veterinary doctors will treat our pets for several types of parasites, but Allopathic medicine does not acknowledge that we too can become infected by our beloved pets. Twenty-one years I have searched the market for a safe and effective parasite treatment that treats and eradicates unsuspecting, untreated disgusting parasites.

I have found products which will safely and profoundly eliminate most parasites that invade the human body.  Until I started taking a cleanse, I myself could not deplete the hatching and reproduction of these health invading parasites. I am convinced that until there is some acknowledgement that our bodies can host parasites which thrive on our healthy diets and nutritional supplements, we are standing still.  We do not stand a chance to heal. I have seen whipworms, roundworms, flukes, tape worms, and hookworms too; and they were excreted from children and adults, young and old.

A good rule of thumb to clear the colon of parasites is to take black walnut pills or drink a few drops of the black walnut liquid. Only a small amount goes a long way in the drying out of these parasites. Grapefruit seed extract is very good for killing flukes that are ingested from tainted fish or sushi. Apple cider vinegar is great to kill pinworm with. Remember that less is best in any natural cure. The trick is to be consistent.

The Ugly Truth About Hookworms

HookwormsHookworms get their name from having teeth like plates that are used to attach themselves to the surface of the intestinal tract. Their existence depends entirely upon your blood volume. They live to drink your blood and drink your blood to live. Sounds like a good vampire movie doesn’t it? Only you are the producer, director and actor whether you like it or not. You can choose to believe that this is entirely fiction. Chances are you are a host to a nematode that drinks your blood. Now that we know what your nasty little friend does, let’s give him a name just for identification purposes. It’s called the A. ceylanicum. This perpetrator hides deep within the walls of your perfect being. Perfect that is except for the fact that you have become a landlord to slimy worms. The A. ceylanicum invades and infects humans. This hookworm penetrates the human skin causing cutaneous larva.  The larva begins the infestation by penetrating the skin and then journeys to the heart and lungs. The ugly truth about the hookworm is that it doesn’t end here. Once the lungs are permeated, the rest of  their jurney goes out of the pulmonary alveolae, ascending to the bronchial tree, up to the pharynx and finally swallowed by you know who. Y O U

Where do hookworms come from? 

The final stage after swallowing Mr. Bad guy Larva is that he makes himself at home in our intestines where he hooks, feeds, grows, and proliferates into quite a large colony in the intestinal tract. Lovely.

Hookworms are in soil. We walk barefoot. We have animals. cats roll in dirt then come into our living rooms. We eat pork and beef. Pigs and cows are equally vulnerable.

Second to the roundworm the hookworms are the most common helminthes infection with worldwide distribution. GROSS, like my girlfriend says. “Make it stop.”
Now that the word is out have you grossed yourself completely out? Hey, did the word gross ever go out of style? I sure hope not because when it comes to parasite infections that one word fits their entire description. Anyway, now that the word is out we can use our calculating  brains to learn how to conquer this fanged, blood fed culprit.

Before I give the much needed silver bullets for the much desired cure, I would like to highlight some serious symptoms.

Chronic hookworm disease will cause listlessness and anemia, pale skin tone and a noticeable skin rash somewhere on the body. The infestation will cause diarrhea, vomiting and bloody stool.  When it is in the first stage, it can also cause abdominal pain, bloating and swollen face and feet. I believe that parasites of any kind creates environmental conditions inside the human body for free radicals and cancer forming tumors to mature.

Many western doctors ( I do live in the United States, but I do not practice Western Medicine) are prone to administering steroids and or removal of organs. They perform a colostomy and give you a nice neat little plastic bag to wear around your waist to poop into. Sorry, but the ugly truth does hurt. I am sure there are times when a colon cannot be saved and is very damaged and ulcerated, but you can bet on this: Parasites cause diseased intestine and colon.

Ammunition for victory over Parasites.

I have become quite vested with the killing of these sickening, slimy, no good, blood sucking, disgusting parasites. The first key word is consistency. When you find a bitter herb combination that works, take it, take it, take it. Don’t take a bunch all at once and expect them to go away. Parasites come into your life through a cycle and they will leave your life through a cycle. The eggs are laid during the new and full moon.

All parasites will succumb eventually to a combination of bitter herbs such as wormwood, black walnut, clove and garlic.

Combination Formulas that work.

Another very effective silver bullet is grapefruit seed extract, more commonly known as G.S.E.  Oxygenated water also works as does Neem oil capsules. It is a fact that the bitter herbs do cause a molting effect upon the epidermis so you might begin shedding your skin like a lizard. The one sure-fire common denominator to the extinction of parasites is to continue the treatment.

In the time it takes the sun to rise and set, you can lose good solid ground if you have forgotten to take the required amount on a daily basis. The key to a parasite cleanse is a little at a time, all the time. A common rule of thumb we use at the Mcvean Clinic is to stick to the protocol for six months. This is not much to ask since some of the parasite infections have continued in my patients for years. I judge the length according to patient’s symptoms. I know a patient who swears she got sick after returning home from her honeymoon in Mexico. She says her symptoms have slowly become more and more detrimental to her health. Her parrasite infection and honeymoon was thirty four years ago.

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Healing Miracles

miraclesVERNELL’S Story:
Vernell  is  an elderly female who came to the clinic for joint and knee pain, occasional high blood pressure and severe stomach problems.  She did not sleep well at night and hurt all over.  When I first met her she had extremely swollen ankles and was in quite a bit of pain.  She tested for spleen problems and she actually had the butterfly nose, a sign of stress on the spleen.  She was on a high dosage of nexium as many of my patients are simply because they are lacking healthy enzymes to digest food. I would like to trace Vernell’s  case back to the root cause if you can hang in there with me.  She tested to be very low on her blood volume which would cause her to be swollen with water retention around her ankles and knees. “Why on earth”, she asked me, “would I be low on blood volume. “A woman has a little over a gallon of  blood and man has a little under a gallon.  I told her that there could only be one explanation ….   a parasite infestation.   I quickly began testing her for all of the different parasite reflexes that I have knowledge of.  “Is it flukes?” I asked the body. ” Is it tapeworms, no? Is it hookworms, no?  Is it giardia, no?  Is it roundworms, no?  Is it whipworms?”  I asked as I spread out my hands into the form of a whipping motion placed directly in front of her stomach and colon.  You guessed it, it was indeed whipworms. Once the root cause was established we began putting her nutritional program together.  The spleen is the repair center for the body’s red blood cells.  If one is low on blood volume the spleen will become quite bored and of course cannot perform its’ duty.   The other symptom that was a spinoff of low depleted blood was Vernell’s digestive system.  What digestive system? Her stomach and duodenum had become raw and irritated from lack of enzymes.  What about the Nexium?  What about it?  It was of course exacerbating her digestive problem and inhibiting her body’s own ability to secrete natural enzymes.  I suggested that she keep plenty of great bromoline enzymes in her stomach and at the same time she took a natural enzymes with meals.   After she followed her parasite program and added a little iron supplement into her diet she started feeling much better.  I understood that she and her husband Harold did not want to leave this earth sick and full of prescription medicines.  They have received the Mcvean Clinic couple of the year award.  Husband and wife team you did great.  They encouraged one another, asked the Lord for guidance and followed directions perfectly.  The two gave up the hot showers and started doing the almond oil and cool waters showers.


Harold is a elderly  man who came to the clinic with heart issues.  He was having problems with severe chest pain at times.  Medical doctors were doing a lot of talk about by-pass surgery etc., and blood thinners. The thought of having a knife slice down the front of his chest did not excite Mr. Harold at all. Harold no longer has pain in his chest because he too took control of his health and valued his health and pain free life.  Here is what we did. I tested him for a congested organ and found that he was having a gallstone attack. One particular problem was that his bile duct was impeded by small gravel stones.  Mr. Harold was in terrific pain because his food was still waiting for the delivery of the bile for digestion to begin. We treated him with the vitamin choline/inositol.  He also took bromoline enzymes once a day.  He has recently come back to have his six month office visit and we found bile duct problems once again.  Many times a whipworm can burrow into the opening of this duct.  If this happens more than likely the host of this parasite will develop pancreatic cancer. Whipworms are named for their whip-like appearance, and are transmitted primarily through the ingestion of larvae and eggs on infected foods.  America is growing by leaps and bounds in parasite population.  Our fruit and vegetables are being contaminated with this particular larvae because of unsanitary food handling.  When ingested, this larvae will migrate into the cecum and fasten to the intestinal walls, then feed upon the host’s blood. Other symptoms of parasites infestations are as follows:  Joint pain, abdominal inflammation and bloating.  Mucus and or blood will secrete into the stool from mutilated intestines.  In some cases there is diarrhea, and in more serious cases anemia .  Many times intestinal scarring and adhesions will adhere to either the sacrum or abdominal wall causing back pain.  The two types of whipworms that can contaminate the human body are T. trichiura and T.vulpis.  Bitter herbs should be taken daily to slowly dry out and kill this parasite infection.  Bitter herbs should be taken for at least three months, preferably six months to inhibit the parasites from reproducing and proliferating within the body’s system.

Never discount the probability that you can become infected with parasites.  If Vets treat animals for parasites why not treat the human species on a seasonal basis too?

Never misjudge the power of parasites.  If the patient does not continue the treatment parasites continue to flourish and cause major problems.  I take a bitter herbs every single day and always will.  I have honestly treated dozens of humans who have an implanted fibulator due to low blood volume. Yes that is correct.  Cardiologist will take extreme measures to give the heart an electrical shock just in case the heart stops beating. If the body had a full gallon of blood directly accessible for the heart to pump it could have a far better chance to be healthy. Kill the parasites. Save the blood. Heal the heart.

I have a female patient who was born and raised in Columbia.  She comes to see me to check on her health status from time to time. Recently she contracted a parasite infestation.  She told me that her stomach hurt and if she were back in Columbia the first thing the doctor would do was give her a parasite cleanse.  This is good common sense. Why don’t American doctors practice this common sense method?  I have treated children who have left the hospital and stopped at my office to ask for a chance of healing.

One child was having liver pains on his right side.  The doctors at a prominent Dallas hospital were perplexed when they took x-rays and found holes in the liver.  This is a very common symptom if the patient has liver flukes . When the patient’s mother questioned the doctor about a possibility of liver flukes, he quickly responded by saying that there were no holes in his lungs. It is very possible to have flukes in the liver that have not yet migrated to the lungs.  The service that this child received was remarkable.  Ice-cream, cookies and extra snacks but the end results were that he was left with an eight inch scar across the right side of his chest and was still in pain.  I prayed endlessly for this child to walk through my open door and when he did I began testing him for liver flukes. His  liver had been biopsied and he was experiencing even more pain.  Sweet story short, grapefruit extract kills liver flukes. He took the remedy and had a great summer.

When a person has been ill for a very long time and medicine or herbs do not seem to help there could be a piece of the puzzle missing?  The answer, “Oh Yeah”… try blood for instance.  Many times a person cannot catch up on the blood quantity after the parasites have proliferated.  The entire system depends upon blood to supply the organs and nerves nutrition and medicine. When a person is low on blood it can be extremely difficult to heal from any disease or illness.


Once this parasite infection has been identified the body will indeed respond quickely with liquid chlorophyll…  Iron supplements are only needed in rare cases and should not be taken in large amounts unless guided or directed by a doctor.  Menstruation and blood loss after surgery are two solid examples of the need to take liquid chlorophyll.

Silver Bullet for Shoulder Pain!

shoulderIf you are having serious shoulder pain in either the right or left shoulder, it is more than likely due to an internal problem involving a build-up of bile from the gallbladder.

Save your insurance money on a physical therapist.  Wake-up, get out of bed and start drinking organic apple juice. If your pain is lessening, then you have managed to find a silver bullet.  You will need to contact the office to locate a Naturopath that can guide you through a gallstone flush.  Thousands of people have done the flush in place of shoulder surgery. It is worth a try.  You may be having the pain because toxins are backing upward instead of down and out the way God intended for gravity to do the job.

We put many toxins in our bodies with the things we eat, for instance Cotton Seed Oil. Many fast food restaurants and delis use Cotton Seed and Soy bean oils.  Restaurants like these oils because they are cheap and heat up fast.  These oils save time, but, are highly indigestible by our body as transfats.  God never intended humans to find a way to make oil from cottonseeds instead of t-shirts.
P.S.   Cotton feels better on your back than inside your shoulder.

Gallbladder and Liver


GALLSTONES: can cause depression and insonmia

There are sever symptoms that indicate gallstones:

#1. Tightness, even pain in right neck and shoulder. After several years of right side pain, the pain oddly enough, will migrate to the left side

#2. Indigestion, burping and tightness in stomach after eating, In some cases a drink of water will cause indigestion. Fear not, there is relief.

#3 .More serious side effects includes forgetfulness, twitching of eyes and often migraine headaches. Thyroid issues, depression and constipation or chronic diarrhea.

When, where and why to do a gallbladder cleanse? I have been a practicing Naturopath  doctor for eighteen years strong and I am happy to share these specifics on the gallbladder/liver cleanse.

There can be several contra-indications to doing a cleanse if the body is:
#1.  parasites.
#2. Very weak immune system
#3. cancer in any area of the body.
In either case, if you have an ounce of doubt then don’t. It is very important to do a parasite flush first but only if you are 100% sure that you are free of cancer.
There are sever symptoms that indicate gallstones:
#1. Tightness, even pain in right neck and shoulder. After several years of right side pain, the pain oddly enough, will migrate to the left side.
#2. Indigestion, burping and tightness in stomach after eating, In some cases a drink of water will cause indigestion. Fear not, there is relief.
#3 .More serious side effects includes forgetfulness, twitching of eyes and often migraine headaches.
The gallbladder is the holding tank for the enzyme bile,
If fats, oil, and protein are eaten, the enzyme (bile) is released into the stomach. In other words almost any food consisting of dairy, meat and oils such as cheese, mayonnaise, fried fish, steak and (most common foods) require the aid of the gallbladder to release bile into the stomach.  The human gallbladder is a tiny 3 or 4 ounce organ. It is extremely sensitive to oil and the emotions dealing with personal relationships will either slow down or speed up the digestive process. I have counseled many patients with major gallbladder problem and can confirm that there is always a personal conflict or loss of love when the gallbladder is less than healthy.
Use organic apple juice to prepare the gallbladder for cleansing. It is the pectin in apples that softens the stones. If you are concerned about all the calories and sugar then I suggest taking apple pectin in capsule form.
Liver/gallbladder flush:
Drink one quart of apple juice with thirty drops of phosdrops. The liquid phosphorus breaks down calcified stones. Drink the quart of juice for six days. On the sixth day skip dinner and drink smooth move tea or take 2 tbs. of Epson salt or Phillips Mom. It is absolutely necessary to empty your bowels before you drink the cocktail so it is not unusual to take two more tablespoons of laxative to be absolutely sure you have cleared the colon for a fantastic cleanse.
After emptying the bowels, slowly sip eight ounces of a cold pressed organic olive oil mixture with one half cup lemon juice. Lie down to sleep for the night with your right knee pulled in toward your right side. Early the following morning your body will awaken you to a growling stomach and diarrhea.
Look into the toilet and see that your gallstones have emptied from the  body.
If you have not seen at least one thousand pea size or bigger stones, keep repeating the flush until your positive they have left the body.
(Better than surgery)
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