This product will kill off parasites: Hookworms, roundworms, pinworms, tapeworms, whipworms comes into our existence through contaminate food, water and our personal environmental housing, especially if we are allowing pets to live in our surroundings.



After attending  Tarrant County College, N.W. Campus in Fort Worth, where I studied  music, yoga and vegetarian cooking in the early seventies, I moved to sunny San Francisco, and attended Daly City College where I  majored in creative writing.

I continued my career and education in physical fitness at the University of North Texas, in Denton and eventually became a massage therapist in 1993 that included classes on foot reflexologist using the Ingham method. I attribute client’s excelled healing response through the practice of foot zone therapy. I give much of my success to Eunice Ingham’s techniques though they date back to the year 1889.

Thank you, International Institute of foot Reflexology.

I managed two health food stores in the seventies and was overjoyed with confidence that my studies in vitamins and holistic alternative approaches  were helping  customers who came seeking answers to better health at the general health food stores.

You might say I was and always have been a health enthusiast as I learned at a very early age health was the most important jewell a person could possess. As a child, I was alarmed to discover that  I could feel pain. I later found out this term is called medical empath though. I innately knew that believing was the first step to receiving  healing.

I believe and Pray it Forward for all of my clients.

As a young child, I prayed for the missionaries in my church who were risking their lives in foreign countries and I gave my childhood offerings of a few pennies, nickels and dimes to help fund clean water projects in Africa.

I ate cracked mullet with yogurt with brazil nuts as a teenager and if someone said “pass me the spiritual biscuits and gluten free gravy,  I said “Amen.”

I was lucky to be a comrade of a fantastic chiropractor by the name of May Rose Bergcamp. She and I would trade our services and I was completely dedicated to learning acupressure points and muscle testing at her alma mater, Parker Chiropractor College. I studies C.R.A. as a means to identify weak organs, bacteria and “dis sease” in human beings.  I am convinced organ congestion is the cause of spinal misalignment.

I have treated the neck or back through the gallbladder and spleen cleanses.

I enrolled in a lengthy  home schooled course provided by Clayton School Of Natural Healing in 1994. Every three month the postman would dump two huge cardboard boxes of hard backed nutritional books on my front porch and one by one I would study them, ace the test, and move on to the next healing course. This was very tedious work for me and I graduated with high honors and eventually received a certification, (not a license,) as a Naturopath doctor. Texas was not licensing Naturopath at the time I completed my education and because I was licensed as a massage therapist,I found the study of anatomy and physiology fun and exciting.

This was a big deal in a cutting edge forefront of healing in the Nineties and quite frankly I was amazed by herbs and vitamins and their mystical healing powers.

Ten years after I was certified as a Naturopath doctor, the United States began to reign in the sells of vitamins and nutritional supplements and the the state of Alabama was ordered to close down the Clayton School of Natural Healing. I knew that I would not be a licensed doctor when I accepted the certification. I

I have chosen, with respect to a world wide revamping and licensing of Naturopaths to use the term Nutritional Advisor and I fondly refer to those whom I counsel, as “clients.”

I hold my head high today January 2018 for those  clients of  mine who have better health, who have turned back the clock on old age.

I hold my head high for those of you who have owned their health by changing bad eating habits and followed nutritional protocols. Thank you for believing in alternative healing.

I am happy that you are not in pain and I take pleasure knowing my clients have regained a healthy clear complexion after coming to me with a skin disease, break outs and mental confusion.

I hold my head high knowing that women who were deemed infertile have given birth to healthy children after following nutritional advice.

I am elated to know that thousand of gallbladders have been saved and headaches and skin rashes have vanished from client’s who have used simple home health flushes. I have seen my share of old gallstones in glass jars  proudly brought in as proof of a successful gallstone flushes.

Hard wired 220 into Gods golden chain of healing energy, I have certifications from Parker Chiropractor College: certified to practice B.E.S.T., Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique. This technique is aligning muscles with the body’s energies, releasing  subluxatation of the spine. “A straight spine is essential in freeing up congested organs.”

I am certified in C.R.A., Contact Reflex Analysis was a post graduate and continuing education credited course. This techniques identifies acupressure point within the body’s energy field that reveals the root cause of illness and organ failure. My Testing skills are based upon eighty two acupressure points within meridian lines.


Sherry McVean, Medical empath and counselor


I have received my education in Clinically Designed Nutrition at Parker Chiropractic College and I have certification in testing acupressure points to measure strength levels in human organs. I am able to test anyone, anywhere with their permission and many times I will work through a surrogate such as a parent to child energy for answers that could have been overlooked by other practitioners.

Sub-spacing is long distance testing, healing and clearing of an individual’s subtle body  when the person’s physical body is absent but their energy is openly avaibale to healing.

When I was very young, I discovered my gifts were healing and clearing blocks that are causing  illness. When my son was very young and too busy to let me test him, I would just test his acupressure points through sub-spacing, write the numbers down and later during the day when he would come into the area of the house I was in (kitchen, lol)  I would compare the two testing techniques and found my sub-spacing to be 90% accurate.

I am a multitask talented individual and seem to function extremely well when working with several energies at one time.  I do not use spirit cards to read a person’s energy. I do not use any other device except my God given talents of knowing that true blocks are being revealed through a  subtle frequency of white light.

I meditate daily, speak into existence my desires and believe that speaking and claiming health is very important in initating healing. I walk in nature, do yoga, take whole food osupplements and eat as clean as possible. When a person is under great duress, I suggest eating oatmeal, rasins and alkaline foods. I am a huge believer in organic fruits and vegetables to help elimate toxins. I ask my patients to eliminate animal products for a few days before their testing and this also include reducing their intake of dairy, eggs included.

When I am testing a person through the universe’s ethers, it is as if we are occupying the same space. Distance is not an issue.

Please contact me for your physical analyses at 817 528-7354.



Happy new Year for 2018 and may the force of healing be with you.

Phone consultations are being accepted beginning 20018 through pay pal,



Dr. Sherry

Alkaline Recipes

Kristine/s Banana Cake

  • 1/2 cup Almond or Rice Milk
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil
  • 1/4  cup organic apple sauce
  • 4 eggs  (use 1 tablespoon flax seed meal with 3 Tablespoons warm water
  • this equals one eggs….allow each egg substitute to set for five minutes.
  • 1 1/2 organic sugar crystals
  • 1 tsp organic vanilla
  • 6 ripe organic  bananas
  • 2 cups almond flour and 2 cups organic rice or unbleached wheat flour
  • 2 tsp. Rumford (reduced sodium, aluminum free Baking Powder
  • 1 tsp. himalayan salt
  • 1/4 cup sliced almonds optional


Mix all dry ingredients in one bowl. Combine wet ingredients in another bowl. Slowly add wet to dry mixing slightly with mixer on slow speed. Too much mixing can cause rubbery texture. I like to charge the energy of the cake with special healing words; ie. “I love you, I really, really love you. Thank you for yours blessings, Spread this joy to the hearts of others.” Bake on 350 for 45 minutes. Do not open oven to check bread until your quite sure the bread is thoroughly cooked. I like to leave the break extra moist by removing it from oven in 40 minutes or when tops of cake or still slightly doughy. YUMMY FOR YOUR TUMMY.

Alkaline Annie’s Breakfast Shake

  • Into Ninja blender container:
  • add one peeled and cut mango stripped of large seed
  • peel one kiwi and plop into container with mango
  • add 2 T. spoons chia seed; this is protein deluxe
  • add 2 T. spoons flax seed meal finely ground and great for joints
  • add 1 T. spoon hemp seed
  • add 1 T. spoon Navitas organic maca powder (91%) alkaline
  • fill blender with organic almond milk (unsweetened)

Put lid on top and store in refrigerator overnight. Blend in the a.m..this drink is filling. If you eat steel cut oats, just cut back on the servings with this breakfast drink. Serves as a snack in between meals too!


Recipes.. You got Cookies Dude

Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

You have baked oatmeal raisin cookies before but never like these moist melt in your mouth yum yum’s. Try Dr. Sherry’s recipe.


  • Whisk together and set aside:
  • 2 cups all purpose organic white flour
  • 1 t. baking soda
  • 1 t. baking powder
  • 1 t. kosher sea salt.


  • Cream Wet ingredients:
  • 1 cup organic coconut oil
  • 1 cup organic sugar crystals
  • 1 cup brown sugar, firmly packed. try to find organic
  • 2 large eggs…..  alkaline enhanced vegans use egg replacer Bob’s Red Mill Egg Replacer,  good choice
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla


  • Stir in:
  • 3 cups oats (not instant)
  • 1/12 cup raisins


  • 1. Preheat over to 350
  • 2. Whisk dry ingredients set aside
  • 3. Combine wet ingredients with a hand mixer on low
  • 4. To cream increase mixer to high.. beat until fluffy
  • 5. Stir flour mixture into the creamed mixture until no flour is visible
  • 6. Do not over mix (stirs up gluten) and makes a tough cookie. Who wants that less she’s your WIFE.
  • Measure two tablespoons of dough or use a #40 cookie scoop, press against side of bowl and drop two inches apart onto baking sheet slightly oiled with olive oil, organic please!






Alkaline diet is the way to go!

Ever think no matter what you eat you’re still missing the energy you once possessed. When you were a bit younger you could eat anything you wanted to: L.O.L., it is a fact that as our bodies’ age we lose the innate ability to digest certain  foods. Protein is the most difficult food to digest. It takes approximately  23 hours to 36 hours to digest fleshly foods. Bad breath or halitosis is caused by the rotting of foods which your stomach and small intestine holds back deliberately until the tank is emptied and the rotted food can be pushed down the poop shoot whether it has been digested or not. This undigested food issue is naturally the number one cause of constipation. When I can smell a foul breath coming from a patient’s mouth, I have their health problems solved from the get-go.

I have been on an alkaline diet for a couple of months now and WOWOW. I feel absolutely marvelous Darling. So what do we do for protein then if meat is listed as an acid food? Clean out your freezer of dead meat and head down the alkaline road and keep on trucking until your are over one hundred years old..

Mega protein foods:

Chia seeds  (must soak overnight)



Spirulina Nutritional Yeast



Tempeh/organic TOFO/Edamame. Soy containing foods such a tempeh, tofu, and edamame all offer a complete protein containing all amino acids.








Tapeworms Creates Blood Disorders and Health Havoc

Tapeworms also called cestodes SES-todes, infect humans worldwide. The most common tapeworm is the beef tapeworm and the pork tapeworm

The beef tapeworm can live for 15 to 30 years in an adults intestine. It attaches by burrowing its head into the small intestine. It has from one to two thousand body segments. Each segment has a male and female reproductive system built in. This parasite lays between 80,000.00 to 100.000.00 eggs. Are you beginning to understand why I say we must never give up treating the symptoms when you feel as if you have strange hitchhikers in your body?   These vile parasites require a remedy which must be micro managed for at least six months and in most cases a year, better yet be like me and never stop taking bitter herbs just to be on the safe side of healthy living. These parasites are capable of reproducing and hatching long after the first worms have disintegrated. The reason for this cycle is that a tapeworm egg can lie dormant in a thick protein shell for one hundred and twenty days.

An adult tapeworm soaks moisture through his skin. The content of this moisture happens to be our precious blood and interstitial fluid. Let’s ask ourselve’s for example, what if? What if you have had symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea after a night out of sushi dinning? What if you have visited a foreign country and became sick? What if you just went to a grab a bite to eat at a local taco stand or fast food hamburger joint? You are sure of one thing and that one thing is you felt sick after the last words spoken before the critical infection was; ( Bon Appetit.) More than likely you have become infected with tapeworms eggs. There is not just one lousy worm. These parasites can proliferate by the thousands in a very short time. They can grow up to twenty feet long unless their life cycle is cut short by the homeopathic treatment. I say homeopathic treatment because I have interviewed more than a thousand travelers who had been to the Philippine Islands or Mexico and soon landed in the hospital in the country they visited. They was given one pill to eliminate the parasites and sent home in a wheel chair.  Really? One pill a day is more like it for months and months. The lucky ones find me or someone who know the scoop about these “filthy animals” some years later after they have been diagnosed with a rare dis-ease.  I personally believe that all diseases begin with creepy crawly pathogens that we have accidentlly eaten or consumed in water.

Warning! You do not have to go out of the country to become infected with tapeworms. This parasite is inherent in beef, pork and wild caught game or poorly handled hamburger meat or roast of any kinds.

X Worm n Ate Now if you have any suspicions about having this parasite.

Coming soon is my personal parasite formula that will X Worm N Ate these terrible pest.

Kitchen aids to begin your X Worming are: Jalapeños, cut, devein and eaten. Eat bread to help the burn and absorption. Eat the herb cilantro, take one t. code liver oil daily, take one t. apple cider vinegar in water.  6 drops liquid black walnut with green hulls daily. L- Cystine taken daily to kill eggs and most of all begin a constant forgiveness prayer or meditation. Find peace with your heart on all things that have happened in your life. Let go of all negativity. These parasites thrive on acid which of course is produced with anger, sadness and other unhealthy emotions.


Symptoms can be as follows:


loss of hair

dry cough

itching crawling head and skin

burning fingertips or peeliing skin

rashes in patches on legs in straight line pattern or circles. appear on neck or other areas on body as well.

dark circles around the eyes

growling stomach

stomach pain

vacillating hunger

loss of weight or weight gain.

constant hunger

loose stool or constipation

tired, tired, tired

good luck, good health,

Contact Dr. Sherry 817-528-7354

America’s Unsuspecting, Unbelievable, Unmistakable TRUTH

You must read this in black and white. There are entirely too many naive Americans today who shy away from the truth about their health. Approximately 75% of those who are reading this article will be the one who must admit to this infestation. Not because you want to but because you have no other choice. You have been feeling so tired for so long. You have tried vitamin supplements, organic juicing, diets, energy drinks, yet you still feel to pooped to pop. Let me whisper this in your ear. “You are fanning the fire.” You are most likely producing a healthy environment for your Unsuspecting, Unbelievable, Unmistakable parasite infection.

According to Dr. Maki’s report, a practicing Naturopath in America, symptoms of an acute parasite infection, such as diarrhea, can often be significant and hard to ignore. However, many times the symptoms associated with parasites are subtle and not noticeable. There is speculation by health care practitioners and researchers to Crohn’s disease, infertility, Lyme disease, possibly Lupus and Leukemia. The speculation to these diseases is linked to a parasite infection as root cause for these diseases.

Parasite infections can easily spread through imported food, immigration, travel and under cooked food. I personally believe that our loving pets are the culprits for leaving microscopic eggs in and around our living quarters. Eight out of ten patients that I test have this, Unsuspecting, Unbelievable, Unmistakable infection. The truth: Veterinarians all over the world treat cattle, sheep and domestic animals for parasite infections. Why are we not using preventive medicine on these contagious amebas that live inside of our body and deplete us of our blood and precious fluids? A human body must have a gallon of blood to operate effectively. If your are still feeling bad after many attempts to find answers to your debilitating health, it is possible you have a parasite infection. I use the analogy of driving your car without oil or gas. It doesn’t go far does it? While bitter herbs such as black walnut and wormwood do help reduce this infection, I have concluded that specific formulas are needed to eradicate particular types of parasite infections. Many times the tiny eggs will lie dormant in a protein shell and hatch throughout our system during the new and full moon. A tapeworm egg, for instance, will lie dormant in a protein shell for approximately 120 days. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this infection cannot find it’s way into your nose or mouth. I have read morticians reports that corroborated evidence of parasites leaving the corpse once formaldehyde was injected. We breath in infected air, we touch infected objects, we thrive on this planet without knowledge that a parasite infection is the number one cause of cancer. Don’t be fooled by this Unsuspecting, Unbelievable, Unmistakable, Truth. Call today for your phone consultation. 817 528-7354  Dr Sherry.

God bless the country.


Hands tingling, Feet feel numb or hurting?  Try six drops of liquid chlorophyll added to water daily,


Take bitter herbs such as wormwood and black walnut.

Contact McVean Clinic for your consultation on healing TODAY!

817 528-7354


Source/Symptom/Secrets (October 2016)




      It is important to acknowledge symptoms such as itching or burning of the skin or any other physical pain that you might be experiencing. When you are feeling a twinge or ache, stop: listen to your body, check into the sensation and take note where these symptoms are located within your body. I have listened to thousand of symptoms from my patients and here are a few tried and true answers to your health needs
    I have compiled a source of symptoms in my book, Holy Health. You may discover a healing modality to resolve a personal health problem. My friends and patients have asked me to reveal my secrets for years. My greatest desire is to help you or anyone you know and love who might be experiencing complicated health issues. Today, I am offering you sources, symptoms and secrets for answers to some general health problems . Never stop seeking answers to your health needs.  Change your hope into knowing as you seek to make better food choices and find alternative cures to a healthier you.                              
   THYROID: hyper or hypo thyroid can cause Itchy neck or burning elbows and numb hands and feet, racing heart and weight gain or loss of hair; even thinning eyebrow.

INSOMNIA: weak pineal gland can cause interruption in sleep as well as struggling to get to sleep and stay asleep. The pineal gland is the gland that helps animals hibernate. The pineal gland is the control panel for human sleep. It is regulated with precious blood that is rich in folic acid. Folic acid is found in leafy vegetables. I treat patients by testing through acupressure points that indicate low levels of  folic acid and vitamin b 12.

 HYPER TENSION: High blood pressure can be caused by sluggish kidneys or liver.  Use hydrangea in capsules and drink eight glasses of water a day to flush the fluids high in sodium chloride form your body. Drink organic apple juice and use a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar daily.

INDIGESTION OR  IBS: can cause hiccups in adults as well as children. It can cause headaches and anxiety as well as weight gain. Take digestive enzymes and drink lemon water by adding the juice of an entire lemon to two quarts of alkaline water.

CONSTIPATION: can cause anxiety, migraines and nightmares in children. Use a stool softeners and cut back on aspirin and other pain remedies that can cause dehydration to the colon. Eat vegetables and sprinkle flax seed meal on grain cereal or oatmeal. Eat raisins, apples, into the colon for quick relief. If you or your child are constipated ask your M.D. if you should see your Naturopath for alternative treatment.

LOW BACK PAIN: kidney stones can be the cause of on/off pain in lower back . Back off of all dairy and substitute with coconut or almond milk and use a vegan butter. STOP EATING BACON or pork of any kind. Take hydrangea capsules, and by all means don’t drink sodas pops.
POOR MEMORY: can be a symptom of a liver that is not producing enough bile to support  protein digestion in your body. Other symptoms of protein deficiency are drooling in corners of the mouth, twitching eye and forgetting words in the middle of a sentence. Eat beets and apples every day.
  DIARRHEA: Thick liver enzymes can be a number one cause of acute diarrhea. Eat fiber such as chia seeds and hemp seeds soak in almond milk overnight.  Add flax seed meal to the drink and blend it in the morning. Eat apples and apple sauce every day. If taking pain pills, begin substituting them a vitamin recommended by your local Naturopath doctor. Pain pills can dry up the precious a enzyme to aid in elimination.

ANEMIA: low iron or can cause a person to chew on ice. Break this habit and begin taking two tablespoons of black strap molasses daily. Other symptoms of low iron are achy feet and numbness in arms and legs. I have heard patients describe a numb feeling in their head. Remember the body has about one gallon of blood and when the blood volume is low, the head, arms and legs are the last place for our blood supply to travel consequently; leaving a dull feeling in these areas of the body.


Prayer lifts your energy up and lightens your spirit. Take thirty seconds out of your busy day and pray for someone else to heal and believe that healing is working in your body as you prayer for others. I believe that you will begin to see the results quickly. Your healing will begin immediately as you dispel any negativity that has gotten you down. Do this release through forgiveness. You did not plan on sickness but you can plan on and activating healing this very minute. Let go of all feelings except those of joy.

Think big………..believe…..small steps to a holistic life are taking place Today


If you want anything bad enough you get it somehow, someway. Let me tell you a story of infertility. The infertility doctor’s diagnosis was that I would never have a child. THEY said don’t even try in vitro fertilization. I had cried and felt an outcast for long enough. I listened to a soft voice inside my head urging me to find ways to cure my infertility.  I believed that I would have my very own baby someday. I was so convinced that I stopped at a yard sell and purchased a Jenny Lind baby cradle. I spent adoption money on an education of becoming a Naturopath doctor. One year into studies was long enough for me to fully understand my female problems and what to do naturally to correct the infertility. I gave birth to a baby boy and he is now twenty-two years old. If you are experiencing difficulty in becoming pregnant or if you have miscarried ask your M.D. if you should consult with your local Naturopath

Happy, Holy Health

Dr. Sherry McVean

Think big………..believe…..small steps to a holistic life are taking place Today.

How to Flush Your Gallbladder

Sludgy gallbladders, slow moving bile, is the number one cause of depression on this planet. Many patients with under active gallbladders have been prescribed anti depressants. If you are feeling anxiety and have since you were a youngster, it is time to revive your gallbladder. Begin to take beet powder in warm water, The beets will help your sludgy bile to begin to dissolve quickly. Those anti depressants will dry the gallbladder out even more. If you fall into the category of depression, occasional constipation of chronic diarrhea, try this gallbladder flush. Take it easy and if your body is becoming sick on drinking the organic apple juice dilute the juice with distilled water. YOU CAN DO THIS JUST GO SLOWlY AND THINK POSITIVE. I try to keep a clean gallbladder and have used this recipe at least ten times in my life. I am eating vegan now and eliminating trans fats and sneaky oil such as pre buttered popcorn, whipped butter, and or other transfats.

Whenever someone is in need of a gallbladder flush, I explain the steps to prepare for such an awesome homeopathic remedy. If you are concerned about any particular step or you experience uncomfortable feelings during the flush, stop and seek an alternative practitioner.

I cannot take the credit for inventing this effective cleanse. It was created years ago, long before my time as a Naturopath. – Drink 1 quart of organic apple juice with 2 dropper full of Stone breaker or Phosfood liquid (Standard Process) for 7 days consecutively (do not skip a day!) On the 7th day of drinking the juice and stone breaker, you will skip dinner. Instead, you will have 3 T. Milk of Magnesia at 4: p.m. Next prepare 1/2 cup of organic lemon juice and one cup organic olive oil.

Two hours after the Milk of Magnesia and you’ve had a bowel moment, it will be time to drink the lemon, oil combination. If, during after those two hours, you still haven’t had a bowel movement, take another 2 T. of milk of magnesium and wait until you’ve had bowel movement. Now it comes time to drink this magic potion. Some people drink tiny sips at a time, but those who’ve had to do this cleanse many times have offered the tip that you just guzzle down the entire cocktail (lemon juice and olive oil) as quickly as possible. It can also be helpful to hold your nose shut. This keeps you from tasting it. Keep a sprite or seven-up near to sip after you have finished the cocktail. This procedure is only recommended if you need to cut the taste from your pallet. Do NOT drink more than a few sips of the soda. Once the drink is down it is time to lie down for the night.

When you go to sleep, bring your right knee up to your chest and lie on your right side. This will help saturate the gallbladder. This cleanse can be uncomfortable so you may want to take a Valerian capsule before bed. By morning, you should feel an urge to have a bowel movement. If you have a delayed reaction to the flush, take two more tablespoons of milk of magnesium. Don’t forget to look into the toilet to see your shinny green gallstones floating at the top of the toilet.

Be sure to call me and let me know of your status so I can best direct you.

You will need:

Beet powder or beet pills
A shaker cup like you use for protein shakes
Milk of Magnesia or 2 bags smooth move tea
Organic Olive Oil
Organic lemons
A lemon press
Phosfood or stonebreaker I can provide phosfood for you)
Organic apple juice (two gallon jugs)
1 cup of sprite

Pictures of gallstones:

WHY Are You At Risk for Alzheimers?

alzheimersAs a Naturopath Doctor, I have seen warning signs in early onset dementia and Alzheimer’s patients. I have observed how these folks seem to have lost their zest for life. It is difficult to grasp the truth that they are actually creating their own demise. I have listen to them ask me repeatedly to explain, one more time, why their inability to digest protein is the very reason for their sadness and forgetfulness. Grown men whine like a baby when I suggest they give up their booze and barbecue sandwiches. I cannot fathom any food tasting so good that it takes precedence over our health. Acidic foods are the demise of a healthy brain.

I have been able to persuade many of these ailing people, however,  to take digestive enzymes and at the very least limit their weekly meat and dairy consumption. Some people want their youthful looks and memory back bad enough to do a liver cleanse and follow direction. The liver flush allows the enzyme bile to be more readily available for breaking down fleshy protein before it lodges in the gut and accumulates bacteria. The correct enzymes will break down bacteria before it can spread through our lymphatic system harming dendrites sending electrical signals through neurons in the brain.
When I first watched “Still Alice,” I was sad. In case you haven’t seen it, this movie is about a brilliant professor played by the actress Julianne Moore who develops familia Alzheimer’s, a rare and fast growing disease. The disease is so serious that Alice has to video her life and play it back to herself every day so she can remember her past to simulate structure in her life during her final days on earth. She is eventually overcome by the disease and turned into a stuttering helpless shadow of the intellectual woman she once was. At the end of the movie I quickly researched the details to see if it was a true story. I did this because in several scenes she would jog to the local ice cream parlor to order a cone with blueberry and coconut. I said to my self, “Ah Ha… no wonder she has Alzheimer’s!  She eats ice cream every day and cannot digest the synthetic chemicals that are used to make this formidable delectable.” Let it be said for the record that I, believe synthetic food putrefying in the gut enhances this disease. I believe the chemicals in dairy and ice-cream along with other alluring indigestible foods (made with trans fats), are the main causes of dementia and Alzheimer’s. The movie was not a true story but it did portray the life of a successful woman who would treat herself to toxic foods after exercising for a good forty minutes.  My greatest plea health advocates is to count chemicales
I believe that people can be predisposed to this unhealthy disease. Amyloids are a waxy sticky form of undigested protein that resembles fibers which are deposited in organs of the body. amyloids contribute to the development of plaque in the brain of an Alzheimer’s patient. The body’s digestive system is not able to handle the complexity of foods that have been served up to us on irresistible platters. I understand why we eat rich, starchy food:… They taste good!  But what I want you to understand is that it takes energy to digest food and sometimes our food is not digested at all.  We store it as fibers and plaque and sometimes it never leaves our system. It stays within our container the human body and finds a place to hide. The lack of digestion and elimination can exacerbate Alzheimer’s and dementia. A smart person should investigate their food choices and go for the blueberries without the ice cream.
The magnificent machine we have for a body will give us signs if we are not digesting food.
  • Indigestion – especially at night
  • Having to sleep with your head propped up
  • Weight gain
  • Desire to eat more even after you have eaten
  • Coughing, sneezing or any allergic like symptoms
  • Shoulder pain
  • Knee pain
  • Pain in lower left colon
  • Memory lapses
  • Pausing in the middle of sentences while speaking
  • Unexplained depression
  • Sadness
  • Seeing the glass as half empty
  • Agreeing with you and not listening
  • Looking at you with blank stares as if they are in another zone