After attending  Tarrant County College, N.W. Campus in Fort Worth, where I studied  music, yoga and vegetarian cooking in the early seventies, I moved to sunny San Francisco, and attended Daly City College where I  majored in creative writing.

I continued my career and education in physical fitness at the University of North Texas, in Denton and eventually became a massage therapist in 1993 that included classes on foot reflexologist using the Ingham method. I attribute client’s excelled healing response through the practice of foot zone therapy. I give much of my success to Eunice Ingham’s techniques though they date back to the year 1889.

Thank you, International Institute of foot Reflexology.

I managed two health food stores in the seventies and was overjoyed with confidence that my studies in vitamins and holistic alternative approaches  were helping  customers who came seeking answers to better health at the general health food stores.

You might say I was and always have been a health enthusiast as I learned at a very early age health was the most important jewell a person could possess. As a child, I was alarmed to discover that  I could feel pain. I later found out this term is called medical empath though. I innately knew that believing was the first step to receiving  healing.

I believe and Pray it Forward for all of my clients.

As a young child, I prayed for the missionaries in my church who were risking their lives in foreign countries and I gave my childhood offerings of a few pennies, nickels and dimes to help fund clean water projects in Africa.

I ate cracked mullet with yogurt with brazil nuts as a teenager and if someone said “pass me the spiritual biscuits and gluten free gravy,  I said “Amen.”

I was lucky to be a comrade of a fantastic chiropractor by the name of May Rose Bergcamp. She and I would trade our services and I was completely dedicated to learning acupressure points and muscle testing at her alma mater, Parker Chiropractor College. I studies C.R.A. as a means to identify weak organs, bacteria and “dis sease” in human beings.  I am convinced organ congestion is the cause of spinal misalignment.

I have treated the neck or back through the gallbladder and spleen cleanses.

I enrolled in a lengthy  home schooled course provided by Clayton School Of Natural Healing in 1994. Every three month the postman would dump two huge cardboard boxes of hard backed nutritional books on my front porch and one by one I would study them, ace the test, and move on to the next healing course. This was very tedious work for me and I graduated with high honors and eventually received a certification, (not a license,) as a Naturopath doctor. Texas was not licensing Naturopath at the time I completed my education and because I was licensed as a massage therapist,I found the study of anatomy and physiology fun and exciting.

This was a big deal in a cutting edge forefront of healing in the Nineties and quite frankly I was amazed by herbs and vitamins and their mystical healing powers.

Ten years after I was certified as a Naturopath doctor, the United States began to reign in the sells of vitamins and nutritional supplements and the the state of Alabama was ordered to close down the Clayton School of Natural Healing. I knew that I would not be a licensed doctor when I accepted the certification. I

I have chosen, with respect to a world wide revamping and licensing of Naturopaths to use the term Nutritional Advisor and I fondly refer to those whom I counsel, as “clients.”

I hold my head high today January 2018 for those  clients of  mine who have better health, who have turned back the clock on old age.

I hold my head high for those of you who have owned their health by changing bad eating habits and followed nutritional protocols. Thank you for believing in alternative healing.

I am happy that you are not in pain and I take pleasure knowing my clients have regained a healthy clear complexion after coming to me with a skin disease, break outs and mental confusion.

I hold my head high knowing that women who were deemed infertile have given birth to healthy children after following nutritional advice.

I am elated to know that thousand of gallbladders have been saved and headaches and skin rashes have vanished from client’s who have used simple home health flushes. I have seen my share of old gallstones in glass jars  proudly brought in as proof of a successful gallstone flushes.

Hard wired 220 into Gods golden chain of healing energy, I have certifications from Parker Chiropractor College: certified to practice B.E.S.T., Bio Energetic Synchronization Technique. This technique is aligning muscles with the body’s energies, releasing  subluxatation of the spine. “A straight spine is essential in freeing up congested organs.”

I am certified in C.R.A., Contact Reflex Analysis was a post graduate and continuing education credited course. This techniques identifies acupressure point within the body’s energy field that reveals the root cause of illness and organ failure. My Testing skills are based upon eighty two acupressure points within meridian lines.


Sherry McVean, Medical empath and counselor

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