I have received my education in Clinically Designed Nutrition at Parker Chiropractic College and I have certification in testing acupressure points to measure strength levels in human organs. I am able to test anyone, anywhere with their permission and many times I will work through a surrogate such as a parent to child energy for answers that could have been overlooked by other practitioners.

Sub-spacing is long distance testing, healing and clearing of an individual’s subtle body  when the person’s physical body is absent but their energy is openly avaibale to healing.

When I was very young, I discovered my gifts were healing and clearing blocks that are causing  illness. When my son was very young and too busy to let me test him, I would just test his acupressure points through sub-spacing, write the numbers down and later during the day when he would come into the area of the house I was in (kitchen, lol)  I would compare the two testing techniques and found my sub-spacing to be 90% accurate.

I am a multitask talented individual and seem to function extremely well when working with several energies at one time.  I do not use spirit cards to read a person’s energy. I do not use any other device except my God given talents of knowing that true blocks are being revealed through a  subtle frequency of white light.

I meditate daily, speak into existence my desires and believe that speaking and claiming health is very important in initating healing. I walk in nature, do yoga, take whole food osupplements and eat as clean as possible. When a person is under great duress, I suggest eating oatmeal, rasins and alkaline foods. I am a huge believer in organic fruits and vegetables to help elimate toxins. I ask my patients to eliminate animal products for a few days before their testing and this also include reducing their intake of dairy, eggs included.

When I am testing a person through the universe’s ethers, it is as if we are occupying the same space. Distance is not an issue.

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Happy new Year for 2018 and may the force of healing be with you.

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Dr. Sherry

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