Tapeworms Creates Blood Disorders and Health Havoc

Tapeworms also called cestodes SES-todes, infect humans worldwide. The most common tapeworm is the beef tapeworm and the pork tapeworm

The beef tapeworm can live for 15 to 30 years in an adults intestine. It attaches by burrowing its head into the small intestine. It has from one to two thousand body segments. Each segment has a male and female reproductive system built in. This parasite lays between 80,000.00 to 100.000.00 eggs. Are you beginning to understand why I say we must never give up treating the symptoms when you feel as if you have strange hitchhikers in your body?   These vile parasites require a remedy which must be micro managed for at least six months and in most cases a year, better yet be like me and never stop taking bitter herbs just to be on the safe side of healthy living. These parasites are capable of reproducing and hatching long after the first worms have disintegrated. The reason for this cycle is that a tapeworm egg can lie dormant in a thick protein shell for one hundred and twenty days.

An adult tapeworm soaks moisture through his skin. The content of this moisture happens to be our precious blood and interstitial fluid. Let’s ask ourselve’s for example, what if? What if you have had symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea after a night out of sushi dinning? What if you have visited a foreign country and became sick? What if you just went to a grab a bite to eat at a local taco stand or fast food hamburger joint? You are sure of one thing and that one thing is you felt sick after the last words spoken before the critical infection was; ( Bon Appetit.) More than likely you have become infected with tapeworms eggs. There is not just one lousy worm. These parasites can proliferate by the thousands in a very short time. They can grow up to twenty feet long unless their life cycle is cut short by the homeopathic treatment. I say homeopathic treatment because I have interviewed more than a thousand travelers who had been to the Philippine Islands or Mexico and soon landed in the hospital in the country they visited. They was given one pill to eliminate the parasites and sent home in a wheel chair.  Really? One pill a day is more like it for months and months. The lucky ones find me or someone who know the scoop about these “filthy animals” some years later after they have been diagnosed with a rare dis-ease.  I personally believe that all diseases begin with creepy crawly pathogens that we have accidentlly eaten or consumed in water.

Warning! You do not have to go out of the country to become infected with tapeworms. This parasite is inherent in beef, pork and wild caught game or poorly handled hamburger meat or roast of any kinds.

X Worm n Ate Now if you have any suspicions about having this parasite.

Coming soon is my personal parasite formula that will X Worm N Ate these terrible pest.

Kitchen aids to begin your X Worming are: Jalapeños, cut, devein and eaten. Eat bread to help the burn and absorption. Eat the herb cilantro, take one t. code liver oil daily, take one t. apple cider vinegar in water.  6 drops liquid black walnut with green hulls daily. L- Cystine taken daily to kill eggs and most of all begin a constant forgiveness prayer or meditation. Find peace with your heart on all things that have happened in your life. Let go of all negativity. These parasites thrive on acid which of course is produced with anger, sadness and other unhealthy emotions.


Symptoms can be as follows:


loss of hair

dry cough

itching crawling head and skin

burning fingertips or peeliing skin

rashes in patches on legs in straight line pattern or circles. appear on neck or other areas on body as well.

dark circles around the eyes

growling stomach

stomach pain

vacillating hunger

loss of weight or weight gain.

constant hunger

loose stool or constipation

tired, tired, tired

good luck, good health,

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