America’s Unsuspecting, Unbelievable, Unmistakable TRUTH

You must read this in black and white. There are entirely too many naive Americans today who shy away from the truth about their health. Approximately 75% of those who are reading this article will be the one who must admit to this infestation. Not because you want to but because you have no other choice. You have been feeling so tired for so long. You have tried vitamin supplements, organic juicing, diets, energy drinks, yet you still feel to pooped to pop. Let me whisper this in your ear. “You are fanning the fire.” You are most likely producing a healthy environment for your Unsuspecting, Unbelievable, Unmistakable parasite infection.

According to Dr. Maki’s report, a practicing Naturopath in America, symptoms of an acute parasite infection, such as diarrhea, can often be significant and hard to ignore. However, many times the symptoms associated with parasites are subtle and not noticeable. There is speculation by health care practitioners and researchers to Crohn’s disease, infertility, Lyme disease, possibly Lupus and Leukemia. The speculation to these diseases is linked to a parasite infection as root cause for these diseases.

Parasite infections can easily spread through imported food, immigration, travel and under cooked food. I personally believe that our loving pets are the culprits for leaving microscopic eggs in and around our living quarters. Eight out of ten patients that I test have this, Unsuspecting, Unbelievable, Unmistakable infection. The truth: Veterinarians all over the world treat cattle, sheep and domestic animals for parasite infections. Why are we not using preventive medicine on these contagious amebas that live inside of our body and deplete us of our blood and precious fluids? A human body must have a gallon of blood to operate effectively. If your are still feeling bad after many attempts to find answers to your debilitating health, it is possible you have a parasite infection. I use the analogy of driving your car without oil or gas. It doesn’t go far does it? While bitter herbs such as black walnut and wormwood do help reduce this infection, I have concluded that specific formulas are needed to eradicate particular types of parasite infections. Many times the tiny eggs will lie dormant in a protein shell and hatch throughout our system during the new and full moon. A tapeworm egg, for instance, will lie dormant in a protein shell for approximately 120 days. Don’t be fooled into thinking that this infection cannot find it’s way into your nose or mouth. I have read morticians reports that corroborated evidence of parasites leaving the corpse once formaldehyde was injected. We breath in infected air, we touch infected objects, we thrive on this planet without knowledge that a parasite infection is the number one cause of cancer. Don’t be fooled by this Unsuspecting, Unbelievable, Unmistakable, Truth. Call today for your phone consultation. 817 528-7354  Dr Sherry.

God bless the country.


Hands tingling, Feet feel numb or hurting?  Try six drops of liquid chlorophyll added to water daily,


Take bitter herbs such as wormwood and black walnut.

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