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      It is important to acknowledge symptoms such as itching or burning of the skin or any other physical pain that you might be experiencing. When you are feeling a twinge or ache, stop: listen to your body, check into the sensation and take note where these symptoms are located within your body. I have listened to thousand of symptoms from my patients and here are a few tried and true answers to your health needs
    I have compiled a source of symptoms in my book, Holy Health. You may discover a healing modality to resolve a personal health problem. My friends and patients have asked me to reveal my secrets for years. My greatest desire is to help you or anyone you know and love who might be experiencing complicated health issues. Today, I am offering you sources, symptoms and secrets for answers to some general health problems . Never stop seeking answers to your health needs.  Change your hope into knowing as you seek to make better food choices and find alternative cures to a healthier you.                              
   THYROID: hyper or hypo thyroid can cause Itchy neck or burning elbows and numb hands and feet, racing heart and weight gain or loss of hair; even thinning eyebrow.

INSOMNIA: weak pineal gland can cause interruption in sleep as well as struggling to get to sleep and stay asleep. The pineal gland is the gland that helps animals hibernate. The pineal gland is the control panel for human sleep. It is regulated with precious blood that is rich in folic acid. Folic acid is found in leafy vegetables. I treat patients by testing through acupressure points that indicate low levels of  folic acid and vitamin b 12.

 HYPER TENSION: High blood pressure can be caused by sluggish kidneys or liver.  Use hydrangea in capsules and drink eight glasses of water a day to flush the fluids high in sodium chloride form your body. Drink organic apple juice and use a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar daily.

INDIGESTION OR  IBS: can cause hiccups in adults as well as children. It can cause headaches and anxiety as well as weight gain. Take digestive enzymes and drink lemon water by adding the juice of an entire lemon to two quarts of alkaline water.

CONSTIPATION: can cause anxiety, migraines and nightmares in children. Use a stool softeners and cut back on aspirin and other pain remedies that can cause dehydration to the colon. Eat vegetables and sprinkle flax seed meal on grain cereal or oatmeal. Eat raisins, apples, into the colon for quick relief. If you or your child are constipated ask your M.D. if you should see your Naturopath for alternative treatment.

LOW BACK PAIN: kidney stones can be the cause of on/off pain in lower back . Back off of all dairy and substitute with coconut or almond milk and use a vegan butter. STOP EATING BACON or pork of any kind. Take hydrangea capsules, and by all means don’t drink sodas pops.
POOR MEMORY: can be a symptom of a liver that is not producing enough bile to support  protein digestion in your body. Other symptoms of protein deficiency are drooling in corners of the mouth, twitching eye and forgetting words in the middle of a sentence. Eat beets and apples every day.
  DIARRHEA: Thick liver enzymes can be a number one cause of acute diarrhea. Eat fiber such as chia seeds and hemp seeds soak in almond milk overnight.  Add flax seed meal to the drink and blend it in the morning. Eat apples and apple sauce every day. If taking pain pills, begin substituting them a vitamin recommended by your local Naturopath doctor. Pain pills can dry up the precious a enzyme to aid in elimination.

ANEMIA: low iron or can cause a person to chew on ice. Break this habit and begin taking two tablespoons of black strap molasses daily. Other symptoms of low iron are achy feet and numbness in arms and legs. I have heard patients describe a numb feeling in their head. Remember the body has about one gallon of blood and when the blood volume is low, the head, arms and legs are the last place for our blood supply to travel consequently; leaving a dull feeling in these areas of the body.


Prayer lifts your energy up and lightens your spirit. Take thirty seconds out of your busy day and pray for someone else to heal and believe that healing is working in your body as you prayer for others. I believe that you will begin to see the results quickly. Your healing will begin immediately as you dispel any negativity that has gotten you down. Do this release through forgiveness. You did not plan on sickness but you can plan on and activating healing this very minute. Let go of all feelings except those of joy.

Think big………..believe…..small steps to a holistic life are taking place Today


If you want anything bad enough you get it somehow, someway. Let me tell you a story of infertility. The infertility doctor’s diagnosis was that I would never have a child. THEY said don’t even try in vitro fertilization. I had cried and felt an outcast for long enough. I listened to a soft voice inside my head urging me to find ways to cure my infertility.  I believed that I would have my very own baby someday. I was so convinced that I stopped at a yard sell and purchased a Jenny Lind baby cradle. I spent adoption money on an education of becoming a Naturopath doctor. One year into studies was long enough for me to fully understand my female problems and what to do naturally to correct the infertility. I gave birth to a baby boy and he is now twenty-two years old. If you are experiencing difficulty in becoming pregnant or if you have miscarried ask your M.D. if you should consult with your local Naturopath

Happy, Holy Health

Dr. Sherry McVean

Think big………..believe…..small steps to a holistic life are taking place Today.

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