Source/Symptom/Secrets (October 2016)

Have you ever wondered why you are having that strange itch, twitch or dizzy feeling. Do these symptoms sneak upon your body like a back yard alley cat?

If you are searching for a more energetic life, it could be time to open a new healing space of awareness in your mind. It is important to acknowledge symptoms such as itching or burning of the skin or any other strange sensation that you might be experiencing. When you are feeling a twinge or ache, stop: listen to your body, check into the sensation and take note where these symptoms are located within your body. I have listened to thousand of symptoms from my patients.
I have compiled a source of symptoms listed in my book Liver/Die. Hopefully, you will discover a secret to resolve your problem. My friends and followers have asked me to reveal my secrets for years. My greatest desire is to help you or anyone you know and love who might be experiencing complicated health issues. Today, and at the first of each month, I will be offering you ten juicy symptoms and possible sources for each one that is listed. Never give up hope and always believe.
Source                                 Symptoms                                              Secret                               
Thyroid, hyper or           Itchy neck or burning                  Iodine sensitivity  hypo                               elbows and numb hands &
                                         arms. Weight and hair loss
                                         Take Vitamins C large doses.
Hyper tension                 Kidney stones or low blood         hydrangea   caps
Indigestion                      Hiccup rather than belching     digestive enzymes
Kidney stone                   On/off pain in low back            hydrangea capsules
is excess calcium                                                              Stone breaker liquid
Congested liver/             Twitching eye
                                        undigested protein & oils      take beet powder
                                                                                           eat beet
Thick liver bile                         Diarrhea                            vitamin choline
Low iron  (anemic)          Chewing ice habit                    Eat 2 T.molasses
Weak pineal gland          Doubting Thomas/insomnia        Folic Acidb12
Constipation                    Parasites, yeast,                       cloves, black
Aching feet                      Low on iron                                     (Geritol)
 We all possess unusual skills. We can discovered them by interacting with OUR energy. We cannot escape human interaction, so make it fun and interesting. Because I BELIEVE, I receive. Because I have the power to connect to the infinite wisdom handed down by believers, I heal. Because I heal myself, I heal others. Our magical universe desires harmony and God is behind the wheel. Prayer lifts your energy up and enlightens your spirit to manifest not only health for yourself, but health for others indeed. Believe in yourself. Believe in the power of positive thinking and believe the world is a healing planet in motion. Visualize a golden chain of healing energy far above the ethers. I believe the energy of healing prayers culminates high above the earth and exist in a spirit form of etheric messages whirling and spinning in thought form. Take thirty seconds out of your busy day and apply it twelve times a day to breath in and believe that healing magic is working in your body. I believe that you will begin to see the results quickly. Your world will start spinning like a silver bullet to dispel any negativity that has come to be part of your life. You did not plan on sickness but you can plan on and activate healing this very minute.
If you want anything bad enough you get it somehow, someway. All of you know my story of infertility. The doctor’s story was that I would never have a child. THEY said don’t even try in vitro fertilization. I began to cry when suddenly, a soft voice told me to listen to the creation of my own healing story. I beat the healthy drum and always will. I believed that I would have my very own pregnancy someday. I was so convinced that I stopped at a yard sell and purchased a Jenny Lind baby cradle. Nine and one half months later, after I changed HOPE into KNOWING, guess what? That baby boy came into this world and is now twenty-two years old. I put BELIEF into action.  I have given myself the gift of HEALTH, HAPPINESS and PROSPERITY. I will guide you step by step in Liver/Die to reclaim your health TO BEGIN your divine healing path.
Happy Birthday to all of you Libra’s.
Dr. Sherry
Think big…believe…..that’s all

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