How to Flush Your Gallbladder

Whenever someone is in need of a gallbladder flush, I explain the steps to prepare for such an awesome homeopathic feat. If you are concerned about any particular step or you experience uncomfortable feelings during the flush, stop and seek an alternative practitioner.

I cannot take the credit for inventing this effective cleanse. It was created years ago, long before my time as a Naturopath. – Drink 1 quart of organic apple juice with 2 dropper full of Stonebreaker for 7 days consecutively (do not skip a day!) On the 7th day of drinking the juice and stonebreaker, you will skip dinner. Instead, you will have 3 T. Milk of Magnesia at 6: p.m. Next prepare 1/2 cup of organic lemon juice and one cup organic oilve oil. It is actually much easier to swallow because it tastes better when the two are combined.

Two hours after the MOM and you’ve had a bowel moment it will be time to drink the lemon, oil combination. If, after those two hours, you still haven’t had a bowel movement, take another 2 T. of milk of magnesium and wait until you’ve had bowell movement. Now it comes time to drink this magic potion. Some people drink tiny sips at a time, but those who’ve had to do this cleanse many times have offered the tip that you just guzzle down the entire thing as quickly as possible. It can also be helpful to hold your nose shut. This keeps you from tasting it.   Keep a sprite or seven-up near to sip after you have finished the cocktail. This procedure is only recommended if you need to cut the taste from your pallet. Do NOT drink more than a few sips of the soda.

When you go to sleep bring your knee up to your chest and lie on your right side. This will saturate the gallbladder. This cleanse can be uncomfortable so you may want to take a Valerian capsule before bed.  By morning  you should feel an urge to evacuate. If you have a delayed reaction to the flush, take two more tablespoons of milk of magnesium. Don’t forget to look into the toilet to see your shinny green gallstones floating at the top of the toilet.

Be sure to call me and let me know of your status so I can best direct you.

You will need:

A shaker cup like you use for protein shakes
Milk of Magnesia
Organic Olive Oil
Organic lemons
A lemon press
Phos drops (if you don’t have, I can provide for you)
Organic apple juice (two gallon jugs)
1 cup of sprite

Pictures of gallstones:

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