My Yogi Tea ( passed down through ancient history)

This tea is an ancient remedy encompassing many healing modalities. It is know for it’s diuretic qualities and enhances digestion and elimination. It is a weight loss remedy and it will raise the immune system, warding off flu’s and colds. This tea should be chanted over during initial boiling. Repeat I am, I am, I am, and connect to God.  Or you can also say the Indian chant, “Guru, Guru, Wahe, Guru” (Bringing light into darkness).


Bring to boil 1 gallon of water

1 T Whole Cloves
3 T crushed cardamon
2 T black pepper corns
4 Cinnamon whole sticks
4 1/8″ Slices of fresh whole ginger peeled and washed.

Bring to a boil for 7 minutes then simmer for 37 minutes.  Add fresh water to maintain your gallon during this stage of cooking. Add Two large family black tea bags and steep the last twenty minutes completion. Cool in glass jars and store in refrigerator or wine cellar. Heat and serve as coffee substitute with milk and sugar, or drink cold with ice.  Yummy two times.

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