Why We Must Flush the Liver

I have yet to say enough about how important a clean liver is in the totality of staying young and healthy.  That’s why I’m writing a book about it!  I have had patients who have had a cholecystectomy (removal of gallbladder) as a direct result of their liver malfunctioning. It is not hard to understand why it is necessary to do a gallbladder/liver flush. Let’s just say that thank God you still have the common bile duct that supplies the enzyme bile to the stomach for digestion/elimination or you’d be in a heap of trouble.  Your gallbladder is a warehouse for the bile, however; your liver is still churning out bile each time you eat fats,oils or protein. Many patients have symptoms of chronic diarrhea.  I mean they shuffle off to the restroom during their second bite of food!  This just tells me that the stomach is trying to off load the food too soon because the enzyme bile is not plentiful in support the digestion of protein. Many times patients complain of undigested food particles floating in the toilet. On the opposite end of the scenario there is the bloated patient who has not had a bowel movement for days. Toxic blood and cellular waste is stored in the tissues and remaining organs. These patients complain of pain in their stomach, ulcers. bloating, headaches and back aches.
Our four pound liver can be friend or foe, when not in sync with our digestion here are a few negative results:
Swelling of hands and feel
Low libido
hearing loss
misalignment of the spine
High shoulder/right or left side
MAJOR ANXIETY like the HULK due to inability to digest food.
Stiffness in joints
Neck and back pain
Weight gain
Middle of the back pain
Low TSH in women
Do you have any of these symptoms?  If you can identify to any of these symptoms, you have a problem with your liver. See gallbladder cleanse.

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