Scar Tissue: exceed or impede?

Most patients who come to me have been sick for a very long time. Some of these patients have had surgery that has caused excessive scar tissue. Scar tissue stops blood flow from entering parts of organs that are starving for fresh oxygenated blood.  Patients who have been hospitalized have had more than their share of allopathic medicines. Typically chemicals from prescription medicines congest the liver leaving toxins to store there for years. Parasites and yeast infections are also attracted to this sort of chemical environment in the body. What can we do to reverse scar tissue damage in the body? Ground work must begin by analyzing where the problem really is. This is not a difficult task if you can analyze bodily functions like I can. But for the readers, her is the big question. Do You digest and eliminate regularly?

I use two methods of eliminating scar treatment. One method is circular digital motion which is performed by massaging the top of the inflected area in a circular motion from right to left. The other is the correct amount and type of vitamin E that is needed to break down scar tissue for the individual patient. When I analyze a patient’s body, I must also evaluate their way of thinking. The patients who heals and continue to heal are those who believe that they are healing. Those patients really get it. Their body is starving for nutrition and as soon as they star taking the correct nutrition they begin feeling better. They can start to think that they feel better. I am a strong advocate of positive affirmations and creative visualization. I understand that sickness can cause a negative reaction in the auric field circumference of the patient. This field is six feet in diameter. Envision a large silver/white circle going in a counterclockwise motion. This is the field that can be expanded ten times larger that it is. By doing this counterclockwise motion from head to toe, you are visually clearing and cleaning your etheric field.  When this energy field is cleaned by the patient, it can broaden the path of energy to conduct healing with positive ions. Counter clockwise clears and clockwise brings new electrical frequencies into the auric field. All of this outer-body work soften up hard angular Auras. Laceration from operations cause scar tissue within the body. This invisible energetic exercise can exceed healing exponentially. The open minded patient is well on the path of intense healing.

Wahe guru means darkness to light. Profound teachings of ancient days describe nirvana as a sudden burst of enlightenment. A doubtful mind will not allow healing. Thoughts become either friend or foe. Negative thoughts create d i s e a s e.  My best advice for you is to narrow down food choices even if it means eating rice with olive oil,  fruits and nuts and veggies. Try to purchase whole-food nutrition and continue taking it especially if it is to eradicate parasites or yeast infections. I have searched the globe to insure you are getting the finest quality nutrition and can give you my word that Standard Process nutrition is the best way to heal.

I did not choose to master the healing field, I searched for my own healing so that I could have a child. You know the story; I have the child and the fortunate opportunity of serving the sick. I put forth prayer and meditations for those of you who are having a difficult journey.

I receive an abundance of healing each day by using the holistic methods that I practice. Each and every day I am healing and I have been healing intensely for over twenty-one years. Please understand that all healing begins in the mind first. You should try connecting with your body, mind and spirit. You must stay on a healthy food program and work the system. Sometimes the body will experience only baby steps of healing but, eventually will begin to hit leaps and bounds on the healing path. Monitor your thoughts and actions. Just look at Lance Armstrong, twice a cancer survivor. He can tell you mind over matter is of utmost importance.

Things to think on:

  • Stay focused on proper nutrition.
  •  Adopt some form of exercise even if it is walking where you live.
  • Repeat positive affirmations.
  • Gently use your brain to visualize healing.
  • Make a list of pros and cons, correct the cons.
  • Back off of office visits if you are beginning to feel negative over finances.
  • Remember to release, relax, let go and let God

Good luck and good healing,

Dr. Sherry

Quote of the year is by Pat Riley, Miami coach for the Heat:

“When you sow a thought, you reap an action. When you sow an action, you reap a habit. When you sow a habit, you will reap character. When you sow character with all those other things combined, you reap destiny. When you reap destiny – this is getting heavy – you get closer to your God.”

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