Parasites: The Prime Suspect!


In my thirteen years of practicing as a Naturopath Practitioner, when asked the question,”What is your most ground-breaking discovery in health?”  I would have to say that, “We, as trusting two legged egotistical innocent human beings, are unaware that more than half of us are unhealthy because of a parasite infection”

The veterinary doctors will treat our pets for several types of parasites, but Allopathic medicine does not acknowledge that we too can become infected by our beloved pets. Twenty-one years I have searched the market for a safe and effective parasite treatment that treats and eradicates unsuspecting, untreated disgusting parasites.

I have found products which will safely and profoundly eliminate most parasites that invade the human body.  Until I started taking a cleanse, I myself could not deplete the hatching and reproduction of these health invading parasites. I am convinced that until there is some acknowledgement that our bodies can host parasites which thrive on our healthy diets and nutritional supplements, we are standing still.  We do not stand a chance to heal. I have seen whipworms, roundworms, flukes, tape worms, and hookworms too; and they were excreted from children and adults, young and old.

A good rule of thumb to clear the colon of parasites is to take black walnut pills or drink a few drops of the black walnut liquid. Only a small amount goes a long way in the drying out of these parasites. Grapefruit seed extract is very good for killing flukes that are ingested from tainted fish or sushi. Apple cider vinegar is great to kill pinworm with. Remember that less is best in any natural cure. The trick is to be consistent.

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