Cuckoo For Coconut Oil!

Have you been swallowing the infamous organic coconut oil and feeling oilpullingpictoo popped to pop? If so, allow me to introduce my opinion of the generously touted wonder oil of the 21st century – coconut oil is not a panacea or energy producing stimulate. In fact, unless you have a perfectly fine tuned liver and gallbladder that produces an exact amount of bile each time you introduce any oil into your body you could be clogging up your pipes.

It is a chore for the body to digest and utilize even a common oil such as organic olive oil or organic butter (which are the best oils you can consume), so why are people raving about eating a spoonful of coconut oil every day when it’s even harder for your body to digest? I believe the general public and several mass media campaigns have told this story incorrectly.

Here is the best way to use your daily spoonful of the tropical slippery celebrity:
Step 1: Take the tablespoon of oil and put it inside your mouth and let it melt (if it isn’t already). Set a timer for 10-20 minutes.
Step 2: Swish it around and suck it around inside of the mouth slowly. This is similar to swishing mouth wash only you don’t gargle.
Step 3: After fifteen minutes or longer, spit it out in the garbage (not in the disposal or it’ll clog it up)

The consistency of the oil will change as you swish and pull. The oil will begin to clean your tonsils, thyroid and lymph nodes. It will help break down any undigested oils inside your body including liver and gallstones. The reason you are feeling so darn tired when you swallow the oil is it’s too hard to digest. I’ve spokekn to many people who swallow coconut oil, actually feel anxiety or depression as a result! So make sure you spit it out.

The oil pulling, if done daily, will whiten your teeth, clean your gums, clear out your sinuses and ears, aid in digestion, and keep the brain waves flowing just to name a few improvements.

Stay healthy, stay clean, and get it right the second time!

Sherry McVean
Fort worth, Texas

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