The Ugly Truth About Hookworms

HookwormsHookworms get their name from having teeth like plates that are used to attach themselves to the surface of the intestinal tract. Their existence depends entirely upon your blood volume. They live to drink your blood and drink your blood to live. Sounds like a good vampire movie doesn’t it? Only you are the producer, director and actor whether you like it or not. You can choose to believe that this is entirely fiction. Chances are you are a host to a nematode that drinks your blood. Now that we know what your nasty little friend does, let’s give him a name just for identification purposes. It’s called the A. ceylanicum. This perpetrator hides deep within the walls of your perfect being. Perfect that is except for the fact that you have become a landlord to slimy worms. The A. ceylanicum invades and infects humans. This hookworm penetrates the human skin causing cutaneous larva.  The larva begins the infestation by penetrating the skin and then journeys to the heart and lungs. The ugly truth about the hookworm is that it doesn’t end here. Once the lungs are permeated, the rest of  their jurney goes out of the pulmonary alveolae, ascending to the bronchial tree, up to the pharynx and finally swallowed by you know who. Y O U

Where do hookworms come from? 

The final stage after swallowing Mr. Bad guy Larva is that he makes himself at home in our intestines where he hooks, feeds, grows, and proliferates into quite a large colony in the intestinal tract. Lovely.

Hookworms are in soil. We walk barefoot. We have animals. cats roll in dirt then come into our living rooms. We eat pork and beef. Pigs and cows are equally vulnerable.

Second to the roundworm the hookworms are the most common helminthes infection with worldwide distribution. GROSS, like my girlfriend says. “Make it stop.”
Now that the word is out have you grossed yourself completely out? Hey, did the word gross ever go out of style? I sure hope not because when it comes to parasite infections that one word fits their entire description. Anyway, now that the word is out we can use our calculating  brains to learn how to conquer this fanged, blood fed culprit.

Before I give the much needed silver bullets for the much desired cure, I would like to highlight some serious symptoms.

Chronic hookworm disease will cause listlessness and anemia, pale skin tone and a noticeable skin rash somewhere on the body. The infestation will cause diarrhea, vomiting and bloody stool.  When it is in the first stage, it can also cause abdominal pain, bloating and swollen face and feet. I believe that parasites of any kind creates environmental conditions inside the human body for free radicals and cancer forming tumors to mature.

Many western doctors ( I do live in the United States, but I do not practice Western Medicine) are prone to administering steroids and or removal of organs. They perform a colostomy and give you a nice neat little plastic bag to wear around your waist to poop into. Sorry, but the ugly truth does hurt. I am sure there are times when a colon cannot be saved and is very damaged and ulcerated, but you can bet on this: Parasites cause diseased intestine and colon.

Ammunition for victory over Parasites.

I have become quite vested with the killing of these sickening, slimy, no good, blood sucking, disgusting parasites. The first key word is consistency. When you find a bitter herb combination that works, take it, take it, take it. Don’t take a bunch all at once and expect them to go away. Parasites come into your life through a cycle and they will leave your life through a cycle. The eggs are laid during the new and full moon.

All parasites will succumb eventually to a combination of bitter herbs such as wormwood, black walnut, clove and garlic.

Combination Formulas that work.

Another very effective silver bullet is grapefruit seed extract, more commonly known as G.S.E.  Oxygenated water also works as does Neem oil capsules. It is a fact that the bitter herbs do cause a molting effect upon the epidermis so you might begin shedding your skin like a lizard. The one sure-fire common denominator to the extinction of parasites is to continue the treatment.

In the time it takes the sun to rise and set, you can lose good solid ground if you have forgotten to take the required amount on a daily basis. The key to a parasite cleanse is a little at a time, all the time. A common rule of thumb we use at the Mcvean Clinic is to stick to the protocol for six months. This is not much to ask since some of the parasite infections have continued in my patients for years. I judge the length according to patient’s symptoms. I know a patient who swears she got sick after returning home from her honeymoon in Mexico. She says her symptoms have slowly become more and more detrimental to her health. Her parrasite infection and honeymoon was thirty four years ago.

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