Ask A intutive Healer

sherry1Our Naturopathic approach will educate you on how to heal your body naturally by using vitamins and herbs. This information is not meant to replace any prescription medicine. check with your medical doctor before using herbs and vitamins.


What is Naturopathic health? I would say eating whole foods, exercising and becoming more aware of our thoughts is a good foundation to begin the practice of achieving health and happiness. This is practiced one day at a time.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How are you really feeling lately, both physically and mentally?
  • Do you feel that there is something wrong,
  • If you are currently receiving  medical treatment, do the side-effects really concern you?
  • Would you like to know what how alternative herbs and vitamins can complement today’s prescription drugs?
  • Do you feel you are in good health now, but would like advice on how to keep your body healthy as you age?

Naturopathic Healing is a distinct system of primary health care that responds to these situations.

Simply put, using nutrition from a food source can be a natural way to relieve suffering, pain and the effects our society have on our body.  Natural means “from nature,” so the modern practice of Naturopathic health can and will help clean organs and keep your body fine tuned. Standard Process supplements are drawn from plants, food supplements and herbs to supplement the bodies energy and function.

Natural approach to health recognizes the human body’s ability to heal itself and uses only natural methods and substances to stimulate your body’s own repair systems.  It includes an individualized treatment program that covers not only the physical aspect of healing, but mental aspect as well.  It also outlines other issues such as prevention.

Natural healing:

  • Seeks to identify and treat the cause of illness rather than just the symptoms.
  • Educates patients on preventive measures.
  • Recognizes healing protocols for clients treatment that may also be one of (mental, emotional and environmental.)
  • Emphasizes on prevention!